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Transport & Fleet management is a term used to describe the management of any/all aspects relating to a company’s vehicles IBHOR Financial Services helps clients in both private and public sectors to lower their operating cost and reducing insurance claims, while achieving greater efficiency and compliance.

The characteristics associated with Transport & Fleet Management are the following:

• Vehicle tracking
This is the most basic function of fleet management and is either GPS based or based on a cellular triangulation platform

• Mechanical diagnostics
Advanced fleet management systems connected with onboard computers gather information on distance, fuel consumption etc.

• Driver behavior
The data provided by the tracking system and onboard computers provides detail on driver behavior – a valuable tool to enhance safety on the road

• Reducing down time on claims – Increasing profits
Valuable tools for all fleet operators to follow and manage claim for effective completion of damaged vehicles

IBHOR Financial Services has become a specialist in the the Trucking & Fleet industry offering the following cover for their clients needs:

1. Comprehensive cover for trucks & fleet
2. Goods In Transit cover
3. Fidelity cover
4. Environmental clean up
5. Liability cover to over R 50 million in limits
6. Various tracking solutions
7. Various camera solutions

The transport environment has undergone significant changes over the past few years – and so too has the importance of effective insurance cover assisting the Transport & Fleet manager in taking their company to higher heights.

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