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Alongside our wide range of business insurance options, your Consolidated Account Manager can also look after your personal affairs including your home, car, boat, caravan or travel insurance needs.

We give you peace of mind knowing you can ask your Consolidated Account Manager to equip you with the right advise every time. Whether you are looking for a fully comprehensive policy with coverage for your contents anywhere in South Africa – or a more limited cover that protects your home against the essentials, then we can provide a solution for you.

As a broker, we have made the decision that each of the policies we issue will have certain minimum standards – so while you may be able to obtain a cheaper quote from a direct insurer – we can promise you a higher standard of cover. When it comes to insuring your home, we believe this is the something you simply can’t afford to cut corners on - we wouldn’t do it to ourselves, and we won’t let our valued clients put their homes at risk either.

In addition to home cover, we can also provide comprehensive motor policies (including specialty vintage vehicles), caravan and camper trailer cover, and landlords insurance options.

> Specialise Householders Insurance

Building Insurance covers certain damage that occurs to your home, property or business. The owner of a premises will take out Building Insurance against risks such as fire, storm and property vandalism. Building Insurance usually extends to cover the fixtures and fittings, outbuildings, garages, swimming pools, driveways, patios, walls, terraces, gates and fences, built-in-cupboards and the like, but policies vary and you must ensure that all your buildings are adequately insured. If you are simply hiring or renting a premises it is important to determine whether the lease or hiring agreement clearly states who is responsible for the building insurance and/or the extent of your responsibility for damage to the building.

> Info on Insuring your Buidling Insurance Cover
  • The insured sum included in a building insurance policy must be the total cost to replace the building including all improvements to the property and all professional and other costs (VAT inclusive).

  • The market value has no direct relationship to the cost of re-building, it is up to the owner to obtain the correct sum insured.

  • A successful method of obtaining an accurate assessment of the replacement cost of a property/building is to hire the services of a professional, reputable and registered Quantity Surveyor.

  • Once this assessment has been obtained, the onus lies with the owner to keep this assessment up to date.

  • Adequate and regular maintainable is crucial.

> Householders

Your home is your most important asset. IBHOR Financial Services provides cover for a range of insured events to protect your home contents, along with legal liability cover.

The policy includes cover for damage or loss caused by:

  • storm, lightning, earthquake and tsunami

  • flood or fire 

  • riot, civil commotion or public disturbances

  • malicious acts and vandalism, theft or burglary

  • impact and explosion

  • escape of liquid

  • accidental glass breakage, and damage by an animal.

Benefits include:

  • new for old replacement

  • various choices of excess available on building and contents

  • optional cover for loss or damage to valuables anywhere in South Africa.

> Motor Insurance Comprehensive cover

When it comes to insuring your motor vehicle you expect IBHOR Financial Services to go the extra mile for you. And we do. Our Specialised Motor Insurance policy provides cover for your vehicle, whether it’s used for personal or business purposes.

Cover includes:

  • legal liability cover of up to R 20 million for damage to other people’s property, their injury or death caused by the insured vehicle

  • the option to insure vehicles for either market value or retail value

  • reasonable costs to tow and store a vehicle if it can’t be driven following loss or damage

  • limited cover for loss or damage to personal items in the vehicle that are stolen or damaged as a result of an accident

  • Cover for replacing vehicle keys and re-coding locks if the vehicle keys are stolen, and

  • provision for some hire car costs following a not-at-fault accident, or if the vehicle is stolen.

Additional benefits:

  • If you have an accident over 100 km’s away from your home and the vehicle can’t be driven, we’ll contribute towards one night’s emergency accommodation or to get you and your passengers home.

  • If the vehicle is repaired over 100 km’s from your home, we’ll pay to have the vehicle delivered back home.

  • We’ll also pay for a brand new replacement vehicle if the vehicle is a total loss within one years of the original registration date.

  • You could also reduce your premium by restricting cover to drivers who are over 30 years old, or by increasing the basic excess amount.

> Pleasurecraft insurance - don't leave shore without it.

Owning a boat, yacht or other leisure vessel can expose you to expensive risks! Cover the boat and motor plus any accessories and even the trailer with a specialised policy. Cover for legal liability for your passengers and for damage to property caused by your craft is also available, and we can even arrange a specific extension for waterskiers.

> Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you ride a racing, tourer, a cruiser or an older classic, IBHOR Financial Services gets your passion for your motorcycle. That’s why we have specialist motorcycle insurance; we want to genuinely reflect your needs so our motorcycle insurance comes with a range of options for you to choose from.

IBHOR Financial Services motorcycle insurance offers you a range of flexible options and automatic policy benefits so that you can tailor your policy to suit your needs. We understand that protective gear is essential – and expensive – so IBHOR Financial Services we can include this cover on request.

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