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Medical Malpractice

Our professional indemnity is designed to cover every stage of your medical career from medical studies to training, through the active years of medical practice to the end of your career and beyond.

We know that medical or healthcare professionals and establishments are very vulnerable to complex risks and costly litigation. A form of professional indemnity insurance, medical malpractice insurance provides individual healthcare practitioners and medical establishments with protection and tools to manage the evolving risks of today’s complex healthcare industry.

Now you can protect your practice, reputation and financial assets with IBHOR Financial Services comprehensive suite of customised solutions that even covers Good Samaritan Acts, among other aspects.

> Coverage Highlights

Coverage for individuals and healthcare facilities:

Individuals – we serve a range of classifications, from Aesthetic, Dentist, Dermatologist, General practitioners, Gynaecologist, Cardiologist, Generalists, Neurosurgeon, Ophthalmologist, Paramedics, Physician, Urologist, Virologist, etc.

Healthcare facilities including, but not limited to:

  • Acute care hospitals

  • Healthcare system

  • Integrated delivery systems

  • Teaching hospitals

  • Children’s hospitals

  • Specialty hospitals including behavioural health, critical access, rehabilitation, sub-acute care and long-term acute care

> Benefits

IBHOR Financial Services has partnered with a leading healthcare advisory consultant, Asia Care Group, to provide our Insureds with a suite of risk management services to help curtail your exposures. List of services include:

  • Risk review

  • Quotations from various insurance companies 

  • Support to conduct clinical audits

  • malicious acts and vandalism, theft or burglary

  • Educational workshops

Prompt claims resolution by our local claims service to help our health specialist resume their operations quickly.

*Above mentioned information is subject to terms & conditions.

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