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We will take the time to sit down beside you and gain an accurate picture of your risk profile, so we can develop an insurance and risk program that empowers you to plan for the future with greater certainty.

It is our aim to deliver effective, holistic solutions for your business.

We ensure your insurance and risk solutions are optimised to accurately reflect your risk profile, so your insurance budget is focused on the right risks, and appropriate strategies are in place to mitigate your significant uninsurable risks.
Expertise is more than technical excellence, it’s also about working in partnership with you to know what’s possible and understand what matters to you.

We are committed to educating and empowering our clients so they have greater understanding and can make better decisions for their growth.

We strive to deliver insurance and risk solutions that give you the confidence to succeed.

> Commercial Insurance

We cover all sizes of company assets against fire, theft, business interruption and legal liability costs. In order to better cater to your unique business needs, we also tailor make niche products for each company needs. These include policies designed for specialist cover for schools, dentists and doctors.

> Building/Body Corporate Insurance

We understand better than anyone of the intricacies, risks and requirements unique to the residential, commercial and industrial sectional title market.

Our Community Living Insurance Policy has been designed to cover residential, commercial and industrial community living schemes such as: Sectional Title, Shared Blocks, Homeowners Association & Retirement Villages.

> Franchise Insurance

Our comprehensive policy options include deterioration of stock, theft of customer property, theft by staff, food poisoning liability, machinery breakdown and bilking. Reduced premium are offered on well maintained franchises.

> Hospitality Insurance

Niche hospitality and tourism policies tailor made for your business and guest. This includes special cover for structures that are made from thatch, wood or canvas. Our clients include game lodges, game and nature reserves, hotels, holiday resorts, game and guest farms, hunting and trophy facilities, travel agents, booking agents and tour operators.

> Marine Insurance

Specialist cover is arranged for your/clients valuable goods from the moment the goods are loaded until they reach their destination. Marine Hull Cover also provides protection for sea-going vessels and can be tailored to suit a variety of needs, from a ship being run aground to simply the cargo that is being carried.

> Directors & Officers Insurance

The new Companies Act, directors can be held personally responsible for the decisions or actions that they may make. Our cover provides financial protection for directors and company officers in case they’re sued in the line of duty.

> Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our hand on guidance will ensure that you’re covered for financial losses in case you, as a professional, cause loss to be suffered by a client or third-party, either through negligence or due to an error or omission. Examples of professions is architects, accountants, lawyers.

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